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Expert Interviews
Providing Breast Milk to Preemies

Dr. Barbara Wesley, a specialist in high risk pregnancies, talks about the importance of breast milk for preemies and the steps preemie mothers can take to provide this critical nutrition for their babies.

Preemies vs. Full-Term Babies

Neonatal nurse, Mary Bubbers, explains the ways in which preemies face unique challenges and how they are different from full-term babies.

Kangaroo Care

Neonatal Nurse, Mary Bubbers, explains the benefits of Kangaroo Care and tips for parents to get the most out of Kangaroo Care.

Medications and Harmful Substances While Lactating

Dr. Barbara Wesley, a specialist in high risk pregnancies, talks about the substances to avoid while lactating and what to do if the mother consumes something unsafe.

Where to Get Support and Questions To Ask in The NICU

Neonatal Nurse, Mary Bubbers, Neonatal Nurse, talks about how parents can find support while their baby is in the NICU and what questions to ask NICU staff.

How to Prepare for a Preemie Coming Home

Neonatal Nurse, Mary Bubbers, gives advice on how to prepare the home and other things to consider when a preemie is being discharged from the NICU.

Parent Testimonials
Finding Support

Preemie parents describe how they found information and support while having a preemie in the NICU.

The Joys of Kangaroo Care

Preemie parents discuss their experience with providing Kangaroo Care for their babies and provide a few tips for making it easy and comfortable.

Pumping for Your Preemie

Preemie mothers describe their experience with pumping to provide breast milk for their babies, and fathers discuss ways to support the mother in this process.

Webinar Recordings
Achieving Breastfeeding Success with your Preemie

Nancy Clark
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants

Topics covered:

Methods for establishing your milk supply
How a baby learns to suck at the breast
Transitioning to normal breastfeeding


Allergies and Food Sensitivities during Infancy

Dr. Bonita Wilson
Pediatric Allergist at Allergy Partners of Fredericksburg

Topics covered:

Understanding the vulnerability of the newborn gut to developing sensitivities
Recognizing sensitivity reactions in infants
Sensitivities in the breast fed infant and reactions to formula
The introduction of solid foods in infants at risk for sensitivities
What emergency medications and equipment are needed for high-risk infants

Nutrition in the NICU
and beyond

Sandy Robbins
Pediatric Dietician at Fairfax Neonatal Associates & Pediatric Lung Center

Topics covered:

Growth needs of preterm infants: what does it take to get normal growth?
Why is growth so important in the NICU and the next 2 years? What is normal for the NICU graduate?
How does normal oral feeding develop and why is that so hard in the NICU?
What can be done to promote development of normal feeding skills in the NICU and beyond?
What if a child needs tube feeding; how do you know when and how it is the right time to wean to oral feeding? How do you do it?
How does a parent find help with feeding skill development if they think they need help?

Understanding the Implications of a Premature Gut

Cheryl Major
Neonatal Nurse at Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

Topics covered:

Overview of the development of the GI System during pregnancy
What is underdeveloped when the baby is born premature
What clinical problems interfere with feeding
What is best to feed the baby: benefits of breast milk
Ways the baby is fed in the NICU
What parents can anticipate the NICU team will explain and/or discuss with them regarding their baby’s ability to feed and grow