What We Do

Pebbles of Hope focuses on three program areas— digital training, mentoring, and mass media campaigns—with the purpose of equipping parents and other caregivers with the information and resources they need to care for the smallest babies in regions with few medical facilities.
Digital Training

Based on widely accepted international standards of care, we are working with partners to develop training videos and digital courses in multiple languages that will be accessible online or via mobile devices. These materials will be used to train parents and caregivers in underserved areas on techniques to properly care for premature and low birth weight babies and to promote their healthy development.

Training topics include:
• Breastfeeding
• Nutrition
• Kangaroo Care
• Infection prevention
• Safe sleep practices
• Common health challenges
• Growth and development



Parents that successfully complete a Pebbles of Hope digital course can join our global mentor network to provide guidance and support to other parents and caregivers of premature babies in resource-limited locations. Mentors will be matched with parents based on shared experience. Mentoring sessions will take place via telephone, email or online conference.

Mass Media Campaigns

Pebbles of Hope, in collaboration with medical experts and media production partners, is producing a series of multi-media behavior change campaigns to address critical practices for parents and communities to improve the health and well being of premature babies in underserved areas. Content will be tailored for each targeted location and made available on various platforms, including radio, TV, online, mobile and print.

Campaign topics include:
•  Smoking cessation for pregnant women and new mothers
•  Importance of early and exclusive breastfeeding
•  Clean care of the umbilical cord
•  Preparing the home for a premature baby
•  Safe sleep practices for newborns
•  Activities to promote healthy development in preemies

Giving the world’s smallest babies a fighting chance.