Our Approach

Giving premature babies a healthy start in life requires a team approach to their care, in which parents play an integral role. Through education and media outreach, Pebbles of Hope aims to empower parents and caregivers in underserved areas to become more informed and active participants in the care of their preemies and to provide them the knowledge and guidance to help these babies thrive into adulthood.
We develop educational content tailored to the unique needs of each community we serve. Our approach to content development is based on four key principles: collaboration, creation, delivery and refinement.
We gain insight from partners to understand the key challenges facing parents of preemies in the areas where we seek to help.
We gather expertise from a global network of doctors, nurses and midwives from leading institutions.
We work with local communities and governments to identify the social and cultural barriers that prevent premature babies from receiving adequate care.
We develop content and tools that will help address the most pressing issues faced by premature babies in each community.
We tailor information so that it is relevant and accessible to the broadest audience in each location we serve.
We adapt content to match the unique properties of each medium we use for distribution.
We identify the best platforms to reach the parents of preemies in each community.
We distribute content across multiple targeted media to achieve the widest reach.
We leverage existing community infrastructure to ensure preemie parents are made aware of the resources we provide.
We collect results and stories from the field to evaluate the effectiveness of our content.
We refine and enhance our content to address any information gaps that exist.
We gather feedback from our audience, partners and community leaders to ensure our content remains relevant.
Giving the world’s smallest babies a fighting chance.