Earlier this week, on November 30, 2015, Pebbles of Hope concluded its month-long 5K virtual walkathon to commemorate Prematurity Awareness Month.  For thirty days throughout the month of November, over 50 participants in 20 cities across 5 countries walked anytime, anywhere in support of Pebbles of Hope and premature babies around the world.  The 5K event was powered by the Charity Footprints mobile app which allows users to set distance goals, solicit pledges from sponsors, and track workouts using the GPS technology on their mobile devices.

In total, participants walked collectively over 150 miles and raised over $13,000.  All funds received will go towards a pilot study of Pebbles of Hope’s Thrive Guide – an interactive resource with expert information, instructional videos, and parent testimonials to educate parents and caregivers of premature babies in underserved areas on the steps they can take to help the smallest babies survive and thrive – in collaboration with NICUs across the country.

Pebbles of Hope would like to thank all of the event participants and supporters for helping us pull off a successful global event.  In particular, we’d like to thank our event sponsors MidCap Financial, Allergy Partners of Fredericksburg, Stork LLC, Linkous & Associates and Asta Corporate Resource Solutions, Inc. for their support.

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